We are SmartStat

SmartStat is a new software company changing the way coaches and managers collect stats on their athletes to help them improve their game so they can stay ahead of the competition. SmartStat was founded in 2016 by Ryan Thul and Nathan Pearce as a way to offer an affordable, yet extremely effective way to collect stats in real-time during a game so that reviewing the team’s performance was quick and easy and could be done within minutes after a game was finished. As we continue to grow we are adding more tools and resources to help you stay ahead.

Our Journey

It all started to solve a problem

Like most great things in the world, SmartStat was started to solve a problem. There were limited options when it came to tracking stats in real-time, especially true for Rugby Union. So our founder Ryan Thul set out to try and find the best solution for his team. What he came to discover is that there were no solutions other than expensive solutions which with a limited budget for his team meant that it was back to pen and paper.

Knowing he was not the only person that needed this, he set out to start SmartStat. An affordable, yet extremely effective tool for sports teams to track stats in real-time during a game and get reports that help a coach / manager use that information to help improve their team.

Then there were two!

Knowing he wanted to help many people like himself, Ryan set out to find someone to help him bring SmartStat to life. That’s when he met Nathan Pearce. The two sat down at a local coffee shop to meet for 30 minutes to discuss the project. 3 hours and many cups of coffee later, the original blueprints of SmartStat were born. Over the next few months the first version of SmartStat was built and published to the App and Play Store.

Into the future!

We are excited about the future of SmartStat and cannot wait to see where we can take it. Since the original launch in 2016, we have collected all the feedback because we believe the people using the software should have the biggest say in what goes into it. That is why we are excited about SmartStat 2.0. It has been completely redesigned from the ground up to not only meet your needs today but exceed them tomorrow. We will be adding more sports and more tools in the future. We hope you are apart of our journey! Create your free account and see how SmartStat can help you!